What we stand for

We are housing advocates throughout Los Angeles County. We believe that it is impossible to legislate our way out of the housing crisis. We support efforts to include tenants, housing experts and the community in the implemention of responsible housing solutions.


The Coalition firmly believes the only true solution to addressing the housing crisis is to build new affordable housing. The region must increase new, affordable housing for our workforce, our families and the homeless.


An open dialogue between tenants and landlords is imperative for an established procedure in the event of a conflict. Mediation should not solely function as a resource for rent increases, but also a means to address a range of potential issues.


Streamlining approval process aims to increase efficiency and organization which ultimately leads to an increase in housing. If jurisdictions are serious about housing, they will make it easier for new affordable units by reducing bureaucratic time constraints.

Who We Are

Our coalition consists of housing and economic experts from across Los Angeles County. The coalition has a broad membership reaching from the Antelope Valley to Long Beach and from Santa Monica to the San Gabriel Valley. We are small property owners, apartment associations, REALTORS®, commercial property managers and business associations. We seek an inclusive and productive dialogue between tenants and property owners.


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